Fox News and Atheism- srsly…

This is a massive topic, and I’ll take a stab at only one of the many particulars Fox News has in regards to its treatment of ‘atheists’. I say ‘atheists’ and not atheists because Fox News tends to make atheists into some worldwide group or at least a contingent. Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean. save of course that the priest Father John is a bit on the nutty side. He’s quite passionate but he establishes some bizarre assertions. Let’s take a few of them case by case.

“I have friends who are atheists but they are not celebrants of it, they suffer it”. Sufferring atheism I can only imagine is akin to sufferring the common cold. It drags you down, but if you really don’t want it and don’t feel betrothed to it then why on earth keep it? You may feel intellectually bridled to accept atheism and if thats the case (and you are that honest to yourself) why are you torturing yourself? Congratulations- you know the truth and you’re sticking by it so embrace that humanity. I found it even more bizarre that the Father John suggests that atheism must be this disgraced, humble standpoint that christians through virtue of their christianity will allow to mingle with (keeping in tow their knowledge is absolute).

A few other things this article drove me a bit crazy over. There is a recurrent ability for creationists to bring up arguments that have been done to death. I remember a certain vice principle of a certain school bring up the Clockmaker argument that was beaten down some 150 years ago. Father John does slightly better bringing up the eye- something which Darwin could not explain but invited the oppurtunity to be explained later on. As it stands we have a pretty damn good idea of how the eye evolved (independently, seven times) and just to put a perspective on how this sort of argument isn’t an argument at all, it is in the same boat as bringing up the four humors from Hippocrates as a perfectly sound explanation of psychological function. It was populer back in the day, and now its thoroughly disproven. I apologise for the brief and rushed first post on atheism (it won’t be the last) but I’m a little busy as of late.


~ by freeze43 on September 3, 2008.

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