Things we actually want, do we want them? Part 1

It always strikes me that politicians and so on encourage us to think of the children like some mantra. But is that what we really want? It’s political rhetoric at its finest, sure- one can’t help but say that they are concerned for the future (i.e. children) because stating otherwise makes you look like a heartless bastard. I for one, hate children but only because I hate their parents but that’s another story. But let’s get back to it. Do you really want someone, after a bold government initiative, people (nay, several people) walking up to you on the street reassurringly stating that “I think of your children the entire time”. Then it becomes a charitable and segregated industry; some people specialising in thinking of twelve year olds, others for infants under the age of five, others really think of those confused and vulnerable teenagers. They can let these children stay at their house, take them out for day trips and comfort them. Do *you* think of the children?


~ by freeze43 on September 9, 2008.

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