I’d just like to clear something up

A certain buddy of mine posted an article relating to my decision to use Microsoft Office over Open Office software, and Limewire over Vuve. While I have no disagreements really with his views on CWM (despite the fact he was about six months ago all about paying for his music), I didn’t choose OO for a couple more reasons than simply I was “un-use to the interface”.

Of course OO is nigh identical to Microsoft Office, hell you can even save in MO format with OO. I should know, I used it for six months or so regularly. The reasons this time I decided to abandon it were a) it tended to crash quite frequently b) MO ’07 is not like OO, and imo much better, c) my brother had a legimate copy of MO ’07 and d) I just can’t deal how OO doesn’t let you press the save button if nothing has changed since last time you saved (j/k).

Conversely, Vuve as far as my buddy informed me, was a bittorrent. I hear from a reliable source (aka, another friend who did computer science) that bittorrents munch through your computer eventually. Limewire as far as I know is the best fileshare, way better than Kazaa (which refuses to work if you remove its in-built spyware) or WinMX (does it even exist anymore??).

I don’t disagree with my buddy’s post however, I doubt I would change what I know already, but it was a little… untruthful to suggest that I did not change specifically because I was averse to change.


~ by freeze43 on October 13, 2008.

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