What atheism means and what it does not

I was somewhat interested by the quote taken from another blog regarding the American Society of Atheists. The quote is beautiful, and, an atheist myself, I find that this fits in somewhat to how I personally believe my atheism is expressed (minus the connections to heaven and so on and I’ll stick to good ol’ existence being the best anyway).

However, if you remember, or have not read you would have seen my stance on addressing any ethical statement, and one of these is to appreciate every party’s ideas. It is for that reason I denounce the quote for the reason that it binds atheism in to something more than what it is.

What IS up with this? Check out this video for similar ideas- the head of American atheists urges atheists to vote with a mind to vote for atheist politicians. But this is ludicrous. This is what an atheist IS NOT:

– politically motivated

– organised with other atheists

– hates religion

– feels opposed to religion

-has a nice, flowery view of the world

-anything else except what an atheist is

An atheist is:

-someone who does not believe God/s exist.

What is so difficult about that position? Why add more to it? There is not a doubt in my mind that plenty of atheists are politically and socially motivated to make themselves heard, but that means nothing in the context of defining atheism. In the same way that I’m sure various religious groups dislike the concept of being bundled with each other, the American Atheist Society should not suggest that all atheists follow American Atheist Society’s goals.

What is the alternative then? What should the AAS work with in order to promote their ideals? I suggest they change their banner to something a little more defining. The Brights movement is a little closer, but I reckon they should just put something new on the table.

In short, don’t say anything about an atheist beyond the fact that they do not believe in God/s.

~ by freeze43 on October 13, 2008.

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  1. Amen!

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