Five hints as to what this company’s product is really for.

I love the fact that medium sized transnationals and indeed companies at whatever level of operation have the forethought and drive to push their products across whatever frontier, even if that frontier flirts a little on the illegal side. Here’s a company that, god bless, has made the smoothest of moves to avoid being arrested yet at the same time market it appropriately. Nevertheless, here are five little hints that this particular company aren’t all what they seem.

5. They advertise in FHM

Yep, they sell fertilizer but they advertise in FHM. Theoretically their competitors should be in Better Homes and Gardens yet they seem quite content to advertise next to beer, gucci clothes and other manly things.

4. Aforesaid advertisement extols their dutch virtues

A smiling, red eyed girl in traditional Netherlandish garb and an enormous tulip complete with wonky camera no less.

3. Their website is committed to discussing ‘hydroponics’.

Literally nothing regarding ‘gardening’ as much as ‘hydro’.

2. They sell through “established deale… *cough* vendors

Places with names like “Happy Grow”

1. Their company name

They are the world famous Canna. Geddit? If you need a bit more of a hint their special ‘flower encourager’ is called “Canna-boost”. Shout that five times now and don’t see if your parents run in.

That being said, I do think they can probably make a nice rose or two bloom. Check them out at


~ by freeze43 on January 8, 2009.

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