My two cents on something that has absolutely nothing to do with me

The California nominee for the 2009 Miss USA pageant answer to Perez Hilton is something which I think has been blown way out of proportion. A quick jump to the wiki page on the subject should quickly affirm my suggestion. British MPs even talking about this like its news?

Don’t get me wrong, I think her views are outdated but seriously guys, who cares what one white woman thinks? Did she say that all gays should burn? Did she say that gay marriage should be banned? Did she seig heil Perez Hilton, thanking him for the code-word question, which has set in motion the final Nazi takeover of the western world? Fuck no! She had her opinion, she answered the question and that’s all there should be about it, and at the same time respectfully indicated that it was her opinion (0:44) and that she thought it was fine other people disagreed with her.

If this same discussion took place on a christian channel, or hell any political-based discussion then it would be met with grudging acceptance (at worst) or raucous applause (at erm, worse). No one would say that that channel or program was inherently wrong, or say that it has lost its sheen, they would have dealt with it being an opinion like anyone else.

So a fairly uneducated pageant contender said some things about her personal beliefs. They are her personal beliefs, bless her for at least being honest about them, and shame on everyone for getting so personally offended on what is her rights as outlined on freedom of speech, and double shame for thinking that this tiny comment, in a tiny segment for one country was worth the hours of media attention and the need to villify anyone and everything for it.


~ by freeze43 on June 10, 2009.

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