Why do DVD producers think they have to tell me three times…

… in three different ways, about how piracy is wrong? I can only assume they are aiming for three target demographics each with equal failure. First it’s the teenage demographic with “you wouldn’t steal a car” then appealing to artsy types by having a cover of a film being burned by “piracy” then its the typical “Do not show in oil rigs” warning. Why do oil rigs have to suffer anyway? These three warnings are unskippable, making their viewing compulsory. No one likes getting told what to do especially when you paid for the bloody thing in the first place. Furthermore, stop calling it “piracy”. Its no more piracy than I’m Hugh Jackman, furthermore piracy sounds way cooler than yoinking.

Clearly, we are still in the VCR age of the old HAVE YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR adverts, except this time they literally can’t justify it with “bad quality picture”.


~ by freeze43 on May 5, 2010.

One Response to “Why do DVD producers think they have to tell me three times…”

  1. It’s obvious why they’re banned on oil rigs: according to the second ad, pirated movies often spontaneously burst into flame. It’s a serious safety hazard.

    Pressing “Stop, stop, play” works on a lot of DVD players to skip the ‘unskippable’ crap.

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