Philip Zimbardo deserves more

Poor Zimbardo. He’s the psychologist responsible for the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment, that ended in six days (not the fourteen attempted) and really showed the world how easy atrocious stuff can occur. But unfortunately for him, that’s all he will be remembered for. The guy is better than that- he’s made some very interesting and important research into personality, such as applying time to psychology (and considering he’s garnered meaningful results despite the plethora of variables is nothing short of astounding. But instead of this, he’ll be remembered for screwing up an experiment so bad that ethical systems for psychology became a massive pain. He deserves more than this I think despite the importance of the Stanford Prison Experiment- he’s a clever guy, and perhaps more importanty, a psychology enthusiast which is something you don’t see often thesedays.


~ by freeze43 on May 30, 2010.

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