Snorkelling at Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay

I’m new to the snorkelling scene at Sydney so I’ve only been to two spots that I can recommend wholeheartedly. Gordon’s Bay is a marine national park and Clovelly is a beautiful little rockpool-esque number that is fairly protected from the waves and a short walk from Gordon’s.Gordon’s Bay is a cove maybe two kilometres away from Clovelly, but both are excellent snorkelling dives in their own right. There’s a few things I’ve picked up from my brief jaunts.

– The chances of seeing sharks is inestimably slim. The chances of being attacked inestimably less than that.

– Stepping on underwater rocks, even those with seaweed on them, typically do not result in any pain from unknown sources.

– Feet are still vulnerable to sea urchin. Those brittle spines *will* snap off in your foot and they *will* take ages to get out (although squeezing them out works well after a hot shower).

– Touching any animals is frowned on, except for the shells of sea snails etc.

– Snorkelling tends to allow a bit of water in the top of the snorkel, especially with some waves. A good hard blow is the most effective method of removal.

– Sydney doesn’t have any coral really, but it’s still a very cool underwater habitat.

– Fish couldn’t care less about your existence unless you’re actively chasing them… whereupon they’ll leave you in the figurative dust.

– Always take a buddy

– Underwater photography, even in perfect conditions, is about ten times more difficult than land-based camera work.

Bluey. Photo credit freeze43 or wilkox


~ by freeze43 on January 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Snorkelling at Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay”

  1. Sorry freeze, but, you have all that wrong. As an American I have had the benefit of the finest TV programing known to man. As a result, I think, I can assure you that I know FAR more about the perils of “all things” Australian than you ever will.
    1. You are insane if you go even near the water. You will surely be eaten by a Great White.
    2. Those little octopuses with the blue arms will poke you, you will become paralyzed and a Great White will eat you.
    3. You will swim into a box jelly, start screaming, and THEN a Great White will eat you.
    4. If, by some freak of nature, you are not immediately eaten by a Great White… a huge salt water croc will get you and stuff you under something until you start to rot. THEN he will eat you.
    5. Before you even leave the house, on your way to the beach, you will be bitten by a poisonous spider the size of a dinner plate… OR… bitten by a “death adder” or some other of the tens of thousands of different poisonous snakes found EVERYWHERE throughout Australia.

    Take my advice mate.
    You have two choices.
    1. Lock yourself in the fridge.
    2. Leave the country.

  2. 1. Yes, but frequently they ignore human flesh provided you’re a member of a union.
    2. Blue ringed octopus? They don’t need any other animal to kill you for them. One sting and fourteen minutes blubbering is enough.
    3. Interesting fact, but did you know portugese man-o-war jellyfish aren’t jellyfish at all, but collections of smaller organisms working in symbiosis to make a more effective predator? It’s good to know what’s killing you.
    4. Salties are up in the “real” Australia, somewhere next to the Emerald City (Darwin) and Lilliput (Alice Springs)
    5. The one snake we *don’t* have are death adders. And the poisonous one’s aren’t big, the big ones don’t need poison!

    If you’re interesting, I wrote a post about this a long time ago:

    anyway, I know full well that America:
    1. Has a McDonald’s every three hundred yards, and a Burger King every hundred yards in densely populated areas.
    2. Guns are assigned at birth, two rifles per WASP, one handgun per urban citizen.
    3. has many fears, including: migrants taking your migrant colony’s jobs, science, Kenya, Canadian sensibilities and free healthcare.
    4. have tracks of land full of people who are their own parents.
    5. has cities than are constantly on fire.

  3. I see freeze that you too are VERY informed with regard to our planets geography and peoples.

    I can’t be sure if you left the most important thing about America out due to envy or embarrassment… or a combination of both.

    6. GOD has always been and clearly remains on America’s side… with regard to EVERYTHING.

    [With regard to:] ..”5. The one snake we *don’t* have are death adders. “…

    That may be what the Australian government WANTS you to think, but, unfortunately…. you do.

    The Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus), is a species of Death Adder native to Australia. It is one of the most venomous land snakes in Australia and the world.


    Common Death Adders are found in forests, woodlands, grasslands and heaths of the Eastern Coast of Australia. It is a master of camouflage, due to its band stripes, hiding beneath loose leaf litter and debris in woodland, shrubland and grassland. They are commonly found beneath your furniture, lurking under automobile seats, hiding in peoples beds, mailboxes, in the sleeves and pant legs of clothing (especially pajamas), behind milk and beer bottles in refrigerators, tea pots and baby carriages.
    Any hope of eradication was given up long ago by the Australian government when a scientific committee, established for the specific purpose of ridding the worlds largest and most God forsaken island of them concluded….. “They are harder to kill than a brown dog.”

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