Portmanteaus and new words

I love portmanteaus and derivatives. Maybe its the slowly, painstaking learning of the German language, but there is something to be said for mixing around words. The English language in all of its bastard history probably makes the smooshing of words that too tempting to pass up.In any case, I’ve come up with a couple to round off a big month and one which I’ve had the most views for this blog so far. Both are suitably used in atheistic/religious discussion I suppose.

Embratheist (em-brayce-the-ist): An atheist, contrary to Father John, who enjoys their atheism. An embratheist revels in whatever atheism offers them. In most western secular instances, it’s likely to be the joy of scientific discovery and awareness. Different to an antitheist in that an embratheist will be happy about being an atheist, but not necessarily believing religion even it were true, is bad.

Intheorier (In-theory-er): An evolutionary skeptic/ creationist who uses the “only a theory” or other old, definition- based arguments. It separates itself from what might be called “better” arguments against evolution in that it comes from misunderstandings of what particular words in particular contexts mean.


~ by freeze43 on January 31, 2011.

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