The Beethoven Argument against abortion

The Beethoven Argument is a popular anti-abortion stance that is typically stated by the following hypothetical discussion between two doctors who perform abortions:

Doctor 1: So you have a destitute mother. Her firstborn died in childbirth, her second was mentally retarded and her third lame. She is now about to give birth to a fourth. What do you do?

Doctor 2: I would perform the abortion.

Doctor 1: Then you have just killed Beethoven.

I’m not concerned with the factual relevancy, as you could probably apply this to any great person throughout history (or any very evil person). Abortion may kill a great person- by stopping abortion we can ensure a greater pool of individuals whom will, by virtue of probability, will ensure a greater pool of great people.

This is true. However there’s no reason why it should stop at abortion. Through actions we should potentiate the increasing pool of individuals to result in a larger pool of great people. Let’s eliminate periods altogether by keeping women perpetually pregnant. A single woman, with pregnancies lasting about nine months each, ignoring the possibility of twins, could roughly produce 45 children within her lifetime! A single mother and her progeny could make 2040 children, vastly increasing the possibility of one of them being the next beethoven. If we to enforce this upon the current population, a single generation would be responsible for 13 500 000 000 births, in all certainty rippling with great people probably setting their minds to fix some rather alarming emerging problems.

This is of course ludicrous, but there’s no special reason why abortion should fall into the beethoven argument while other, baby-inhibiting practices such as abstinence, contraception, common sense and desire for a non-tribulated vagina don’t. You can try and dig yourself out of this hole but it’s likely to end in disaster provided the emphasis of producing “great people” is encouraged in terms of birth/non-birth determinants. Encouraging great people to breed with each other to produce greater children, while dis-encouraging less successful people to breed smacks of eugenics… no wait it is eugenics. I don’t think there is an escape for it.


~ by freeze43 on April 28, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Beethoven Argument against abortion”

  1. What in the name of easter eggs is a “non-tribulated vagina”?

    • I thought I should have something a bit eye-catching so it evidently worked. A non-tribulated vagina is a vagina that has not undergone tribulations; in this example 45 or so births.

  2. […] previous point regarding gays bringing up children. But consider the logic. Think of the wealth of untapped baby-making potential we are wasting! Finally the Bible quotes. While it is debatable whether the Bible out and out says […]

  3. Of course we’ve now gone to the other extreme – that we don’t have enough population to support the elderly due to abortion. That so called “choice” affects the pensions of us all.

    • That’s very true. The baby boomers are probably going to economically cripple us, but there’s not many options.

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