The Life Zone shows what is wrong with Republicans, their message and their treatment of other people

Take a look at this trailer for The Life Zone, a new thriller/horror film directed by Kenneth del Vecchio; a former municipal judge and Republican politician. Scared yet? I am, and not just for the typical (and wholly justifiable) feeling that this is a sick and stupid attempt to change people’s minds about abortion.

Let me spoil the film for you- they are actually in purgatory for committing abortion and these new births let them realize the “physical joy” of having a child. The one that tries to stop the pregnancy ends up having twins and having to have this cycle repeat forever while the other two get the heaven. The nurse, having committed suicide in her life because she couldn’t have children and was abandoned by her husband, is forced to stay in purgatory and watch other people give birth for eternity.

The whole setup is childish and without justification but the way in which the film defines punishment and justice is more than a little terrifying. First, with the justification that we are stronger than you, purgatory puts electronic devices in the prisoners/expectant mothers and then forces them to give birth against their will. Everyone I think is going to pick up on that, considering the whiny prisoners exclamations of “I have a choice” and “you can’t tell me what to do” are delivered with acted inanity.

Dig a little deeper and it gets worse. First the husbands are not involved- including the asshole that dumped the nurse. Secondly and more importantly,  the punishment is rearing children, but the reward is rearing children. The babies themselves are the tools for the mother’s punishment which has clearly defined levels of severity (i.e. refuse to cooperate and we’ll give you two). The mother who did not cooperate will continue to be pregnant and give birth for eternity, meaning that she is producing infinite children whose sole purpose is to cause their mother everlasting grief. Is this what Republicans really care about when they wade into the abortion debate? Don’t they care about what the child gets out of this, or whether the children suffer? Would they agree it is a bad thing for children to ethereally disappear after birth, hence losing out on a life, just to cause someone who did the same termination once constant sufferring? Do advocates of this film believe that regardless of the children, suffering, women and choice, abortion should not occur for no other reason then they say so?

I’m not sure whether Republicans agree with this message, but they are noticeably quiet on commenting. If they don’t think that this is what will happen, and that this film is showing some kind of greater good, then they honestly believe that the threat of punishment is what will convince pro-choice advocates to mend their ways. If people do believe that this is what will occur, and that it is a good thing then they are not worthy of respect. If popular Republicans do not distance themselves from this appalling immoral lesson then it will almost certainly cut away at their support and any possibility for new political supporters.

I’m beginning to really doubt the validity of conservative forms of government, especially with emerging proof that conservatives do not like being told what to do. It is hardly encouraging that we have strong political parties consisting of people who do not change their mind in light of new evidence and discoveries.



~ by freeze43 on June 18, 2011.

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