Ain’t nothing but a… no that’s too easy

A bit of news I found interesting, a Jewish orthodox court recently condemned a dog to death by stoning because they believed it to be the reincarnation of a decades-old secular lawyer when it went into one of their offices and caused mischief. Happily, and hilariously, the dog escaped before punishment could be wrought.

The story indicates three things. Firstly, that orthodoxy in religion is seemingly inherently devoted to self perpetuation no matter what the source, and as a result self perpetuation can be found everywhere. In this instance, a dog is unclean and caused trouble, meaning that it is clearly the reincarnation of a lawyer. How sure are we? We are stoning it, and we wouldn’t stone something that we weren’t sure of, would we? Secondly, it seems to me that religion is not just demonstrably dangerous, but out and out bonkers (as if we needed more evidence). Thirdly, given that the courts couldn’t stop a dog from evading capture despite being a candidate for execution, the possibility of a Jewish conspiracy even if it were to exist would be highly unlikely to carry out even simple requirements for world domination. Hopefully now anti-Semites and the more traditionally associated loonies can breathe easier.


~ by freeze43 on June 20, 2011.

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