Scoopon- bunch of hucksters.

Scoopon, another clone of the multitudinous (and better) online discount deal websites has managed to ruin what was to be a nice gesture by my fiance.

A deal they offered said that there was a full suit set to be purchased online for the low price of $179… but did not in any fine print specify that long suits were not covered!

I could understand extra cost for material and so on as an additional option (there isn’t one), but, as a scoopon’s representative very rudely informed my fiance, it was the ‘customer discretion to check for specifics with the company’. Nicely done scoopon; throw the blame to the company your website is supposed to be endorsing and promoting. As it now stands, scoopon have refused to give us a refund.

I for one am boycotting the site for here on, and I encourage you to do the same. Have you been gypped by similar scams? Let me know.


~ by freeze43 on July 1, 2011.

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