Zombie Month part II: Zombieland

Zombieland (2009) directed by Ruben Fleischer.

Speed: About human speed (faster than the fatties)

Intelligence: Capable of stalking, sneaking, playing dead. Can open doors

Behaviour: Attacking on sight. Eats non infected and presumably animal matter. “Rabies like” aggression.

Longevity: Due to their strong “eat everything” ethic, probably as long as their strength holds up. After a month, the number of zombies seems to have dropped severely.

Infection: A mutation of mad cow disease- spread by bites. Incubation time unknown

How to kill: Headshots and crushing most effective. Killing with other methods possible but not recommended.

Zombieland involves the cross country trek of four survivors of a nation-wide zombie epidemic. The zombies themselves are still quite prolific, but drastically less than the 300 million or so infected, which suggests a fairly normal lifespan if food is unavailable. On the way the characters fall in love, go on trips for interest (with mixed results) and begin to adapt to the new landscape.

Zombieland is a zomcom, but like Shaun of the Dead it really isn’t a parody that makes zombie do Thriller dances etc. Rather, the humour is derived from the awkward introversion of the lead character and to a lesser extent the other main characters coping in a zombie apocalypse. When I first watched Zombieland, as a zombie film fan, I was a little disappointed that it flat out neglected typical archetypes such as barricades and dealing with infection. However the world they live in is quite nontraditional in zombie fare due to the normally large distance between undead clusters. As a result the film focuses on the interplay between the different characters by how they apply their previous, non-zombified world’s behaviour to the present and to the film’s credit it is refreshing and original twist on the genre. There is drama and zombie battles within the film, but this takes a back seat to the main storyline.

Zombieland isn’t something you would invest in for a nonstop action thrillride, but the dialogue and characterization is strong enough for an entertaining film. The wanton abandon the characters have by destroying and stealing whatever they come across probably speaks more than a little to daydreams of an empty world with just you and a handful of people in it. Gritty realism is not here though, and if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool zombie fan you’ll likely be disappointed.



~ by freeze43 on May 2, 2012.

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