Zombie Month X: Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead directed by Edgar Wright


Intelligence:minimal- cannot open doors. One *may* have turned off a radio but it could be due to chance

Behavior:aggressive to those in close proximity. Tendency to cluster

Longevity:unknown but no signs of degradation after six months

Infection:bite. Incubation rate varies on location of bite and injury of the host. Incubation range is about 12-3 hours.

How to kill:destroying the head or removing the brain.

Shaun of the Deadis about a 30 something Shaun leading a group of friends (and flatmates) through a newly infested London to hide and barricade themselves to survive the onslaught. While he tries to gather his nearest and dearest to survive, he also has to put up with his indolent buddy Ed, a couple of his ex-girlfriend’s flatmates (played by Dylan Moran and Lucy Davis) as well as his stepfather (played by Bill Nighy).

Shaun of the Dead is a self professed (and probably only) zom-rom-com and brought to you by the same handfuls of talent that made Hot Fuzz as well as Spaced and Black Books television series. It is, in a word, excellent. The comedy is biting and hilarious. A hallmark of Wright/Pegg writing tends to be themes that carry themselves along the course of the film, and Shaun of the Dead is no different;it adds layer upon layer of dialogue complexity, characterisation and really engages second, third and fourth viewings. The zombies themselves a played very well, and are zombies first and foremost- the comedy aspect is derived from the characters themselves who are instantly understood to anyone who has stepped foot on English soil.

The behavior of the characters is excellent, not in that they make particularly good decisions, but because you understand the characters well enough to see they make the decisions you expect them to. Action scenes range from hair raising brutality to slapstick hilarity and references to other zombie films are nicely integrated and clearly show the writer’s enthusiasm for the genre.

Shaun of the Dead is an amazing film and encourage even the greatest sufferer of anglophobia to watch it; at least you’ll see the vast majority of the Poms get eaten.


~ by freeze43 on May 28, 2012.

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