Zombie Month part XI: Dawn of the Dead (remake)

Dawn of the Dead (2004) directed by Zack Snyder

Speed:really fast, perhaps faster than sprinting human. Agile to boot.

Intelligence:very low. One managed to “hold” a shutter for a short period of time, otherwise mindless.

Behavior:ultra aggressive in presence of prey, otherwise they tend to congregate and shamble aimlessly. They also “roar” and hiss when in close proximity to humans. Only eat humans and ignores other animals entirely.

Longevity:unknown but there a few clues. The zombies after about a month have begun to look sallow faced and gaunt, suggesting that they will degrade over time. A head of a zombie was found in a cooler bag to still be aggressive so it suggests they are undead.

Infection:bite. Onset is dependent upon location of bite but incubation is twenty four hours to a couple of minutes.

How to kill:headshot is the only way to take them down permanently, although sufficiently large explosions vaporise them.

Dawn of the Dead remake(hereafterDawn of the Dead) centres around a group of survivors holed up in a shopping mall while their world crumbles around them from a deadly zombie outbreak that is taking over the world. As they begin work together, they realise that they are fatefully unlikely to survive, and eventually hatch a plan to escape the zombie menace.

Dawn of the Dead is genius, but you didn’t need me to tell you. The storyline is awesome (sans the escape attempt at the end that left me scratching my head), the characters all memorable and the combat brutally visceral. Every combat scene has you on the edge of your seat for three reasons:

1) The characters are all memorable, even the jerks ones are likeable.

2) I don’t think there is any fight where the group is left unscathed- you know somepeople’s gonna die.

3) the zombies are fucking terrifying.

The horrors inflicted upon the survivors are vast and varied, yet it is through their characterisation and excellent plot line that the whole things doesn’t seem like far stretch (except for you know, the zombie apocalypse). In short, this is the best zombie film, probably ever.

Well that wraps up zombie month. I apologise for the succinctness but I’m new to the movie review thing. Send a comment as to what zombie films you think I’ve missed that are either really good or terrible.


~ by freeze43 on May 30, 2012.

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