Quick fire statements

I have a few ideas bubbling in my brain today, and I’ve decided, rather than make a long post that covers every tangentially possible aspect of this idea, I’ll just fire them out instead, Nietzsche style; fingers crossed it’s not as misinterpreted as his stuff though (as if anyone cares).

– I’ve noticed a trend in politics regarding homosexuality/anti-homosexuality. A big issue that Christian groups in particular seem to focus on is that being homosexual is a choice as opposed to something that is hard wired in the brain. A rational response should not be “it is scientifically proven that it is biologically determined”. While this is true, it is far more felicitous to state thus: “even if it was a choice, I would still respect a person’s right to love whomever they like, providing it is a wholly consensual act”. If any action is undertaken that involves everyone’s explicit consent, then there should be very, very little objection from anyone in most circumstances.

– Mercy is a belated conscience.

– We are moral not because of religion, but in spite of it.

-Our excelled moral and intellectual works are based on our decision to take what we feel is right from religious orders, and disregard the reams of religious information that does not agree with our well thought out, and oftentimes innately moral beliefs. The error of assuming celestial morality is what brings about justifiable bigotry, discontent, and summarily the violence and irrationality that accompany it.

-Squash is to tennis what skiing is to tobogganing.

~ by freeze43 on August 21, 2012.

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