A contrite letter to pro- and anti-LGBT+ rights advocates

Dear pro-LGBT+ rights advocate,

While I’m sure the gay community appreciates your efforts into promoting the rights of LGBT+ individuals, I’m afraid you may be offering a slight disservice to not only them, but by the arguments of why sexual minority groups deserve equal respect to the major ones. I often hear the argument, from the opposing camp, that “homosexuality is a choice”. Unfortunately, the typical response from you is “no it isn’t”; occasionally calling upon an increasing amount of scientific research that discusses the hereditary and natural causes for alternative orientations. Personally, I don’t believe that one’s orientation is a choice either; however it is a poor response to anti-LGBT+ rights question.

The better answer is, “it doesn’t matter”. It does not matter whether all sexual minority groups are filled with individuals who are simply making a choice to be the way they are or that it is hardwired into their genetics. Choices or not, we must respect a person’s right to do what they want provided it does not violate consent or confer harm to others.

Secondly, to the anti-LGBT+ rights advocate,

I’m sure that you understand that even if it was somebody’s choice to be different, that they should in no way be forced to be something else. Provided they are not hurting anyone or violating consent it is the capacity for someone to do something different that defines a democratic country, replete with individual freedoms. Even if these orientations are a choice, it is highly likely that you too respect and come to rest upon your own choices. You choose to follow your own religion. You choose to interpret passages of a holy book in a particular way, just as you choose to ignore other passages. Just as I am sure you would not be comfortable with the choices of others to affect your freedoms and way of life, you would not want your choices to affect others. Imagine a world where a common majority felt that your choices were wrong, to the point that there was legislatively-approved violence against you and your friends and family, all because the majority’s choice was different to your own. History is rife with horrific examples, and these examples continue to this day. Please, don’t let your choice influence the lives of others.

~ by freeze43 on February 24, 2014.

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