An Open Letter to our recently deposed Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Dear Tony,

I am really, really happy that you are no longer our Prime Minister. I’m sure you meant well (possibly), but from embarrassing Australia on a world stage, to putting your foot in your mouth a million separate times, to that wink of yours, it’s really a good thing that you no longer hold sway on our great nation. You were so disliked that rather than fall on their sword, the Liberal party would rather chuck a Gillard and put Malcolm Turnbull on the throne. That takes some chutzpah, considering that your campaign going into the election was anti-Carbon tax, and inter-party-politics. Now they’ve put in probably one of the most enviro-conscious Liberal on the planet of the earth, and used the inter-party-politics to get there. Maybe you should join the priesthood again; they even give you the words to say there. Just in case you feel that this is unfounded vitriol, I had this list of all the stuff I heard about you during your Prime Ministership. I was going to use it as a facebook post for the next election but I guess this post should suffice.

During your tiny Prime Minister reign you have:

– destroyed our working relationship with Indonesia through not working with their boat people policies – through the boat people policies allowed Australian vessels to breach Indonesia’s sovereign borders – despite enormous cuts in education, saw fit to fund an enormous “clergy for schools” program – despite massive cuts to the arts, saw fit to give a considerable boost to the institution that gave your daughter a large scholarship – claimed (through Hockey) that medical science would receive more funding then ever, except it collapsed most funding opportunities to the point that the entire industry is collapsing  – seriously entertaining the idea of American style of university funding, complete with thousands of dollars of crippling student debt for the few Australians that make up the smallest proportion of tertiary educated peoples in the first world – blocked climate change discussion for G20 summits – tried to de-heritage Tasmania’s forests and failing – allowed tonnes of dumping IN the Great Barrier Reef and lied about the risk – decided to hide people response – introduced wiretapping for Australians – destroyed Australian manufacturing through trade agreements included the hidden Trans Pacific Partnership – stripped ABC of funding to the point they can’t be independent for fear of extermination – documented torture of boat people, and worst still, criminal punishments for whistleblowers – grossly opposed cheap power bills as it makes privatization “worthless” despite it being a taxpayer funded institution – have senior members of your cabinet believing climate change is a hoax – had unemploment peak during your tenure – cut paid parental lead which was a core campaign policy – threatened “professional and personal” ramifications for Liberal party leaks – destroyed foreign aid – suggested to buy a property you need a “good job” – wanted to remove 2 billion of federal funding from schools, leaving the door open for means testing by the states, while still giving millions to the private schools that the cabinet went to – used revenge politics to put international investment at risk by ordering a 10billion clean energy finance corporation not to finance wind power schemes and small scale power – lead Australia to have the fastest extinction rate of animals than anywhere else in the world – proposed walk by immigration checks – joked about the plight of island nations that their policies are actively contributing to – screwed the economy far worse than what Labour ever did.

You are a misogynistic cretin and Australia is better off with you gone.

Kindest regards,


~ by freeze43 on September 16, 2015.

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