Review: Bill Bailey live

To review Bill Bailey Live is a bit of a joke, considering that the show had its final outing. Really, this is just a short note of thankyou to Mr. Bailey for the greatest night of entertainment I’ve ever had. The following is bare-faced gushing (you have been warned).

Bill Bailey is amazing. His ability to turn jokes from heckling (not just everyday insults or anything, but clear, context-dependent amazing jokes) is matched only by his musical artistry. He used a tenori-on with ease to assist in an orchestral piece that was alone worth the price of admission; not to mention therimin, oud (look it up), banjo, guitar and synth piano to great effect. The man in simply a genius in music as well as comedy. The lighting crews really kicked it up a notch to keep in pace with him- really clever stuff and it showed they were paying attention to what was going on stage.

I am blessed with a finance of equal parts love, humour (she likes Bailey too) and compassion, and decided to hang around with me for the traditional signing and photos after the show and Mr. Bailey is really like how he says he is: he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity- down to earth, happy and insightful.

Turning down an oppurtunity to see him at any gig is pretty much the same as chemically absolving yourself of serotonin and a sense of amazement.

If by some miracle he reads this: thank you so much and I’ll definitely see you whenever you’re back in Australia! Maybe I’ll have what I regretted not giving you.


~ by freeze43 on August 1, 2010.

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